On The Road Again

Heading Out Without A Picture of Our Site

Beautiful Card, Beautiful People

Beautiful Card, Beautiful People

We are on the road again, having left Largo, FL for our trek west. However, we have to go east before we go west.

We were definitely the Crack of Noon Club for our first day. Not even close to noon to get on the way.

We left around 8 PM!! Sasha took one last dip in the pool at Rainbow Village campground around 7:30 PM after a very, very warm day working on getting ready to leave. I think the day’s high temperature was 87 or 88 degree F. And with all that humidity, it is tough to be outside.

I took one last shower in their bathroom. They just installed two beautiful bathrooms near the pool, and already one of the shower-heads has broken off. I would rather use their hot water and let them fill up their tanks rather than ours. Especially when we had already dumped our tanks and filled up the water to the max.

Sasha was pretty tired by the time we got on the road, and we went a little out of our way to go to where we needed to. We went north instead of south. Saw a car on fire by the highway. It had just happened, and I got a picture of it, but somehow that pic was deleted from my phone. Drivers were braking suddenly right in front of us, and if we hadn’t changed the brakes last year, we would have been in an accident. Not a great way to start our trip, but we are fine and so is the rig.

We stopped at a Walmart Super-Center for a night of boondocking. Looking back in our database of places stayed, the last time we were at one for boondocking would have been before December 2013!!! Over 3.5 years ago but probably even longer!!! WOW.

Spoke to Mom J about them coming out to Las Vegas at the end of March. I spent a ton of time looking at Hotels on the Vegas Strip after that.

Once we got the Ural and headed in the right direction, it was 5 pm! Time for traffic in Florida. Instead, we took the Florida Turnpike and paid $13.50 for that usage. No stop and go traffic for us! If you can look at these pictures really fast, it shows Sasha driving by. Can you see the thumbs’ up?

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AND we stopped at Turkey Rest Stop, which was beautiful and clean and had free WIFI. Plus they had these Windshield Wiper Cleaners that were so very funny:

Do they have these things all over or just on the Toll Roads?

And lastly, a sign as we were driving out.

Duck Crossing (hopefully not on the highway!)

Since we stayed on the road for several more miles that evening, I will end this post here. But the next one was sort of scary for us, so stay tuned!


7 thoughts on “On The Road Again

    1. Laura Post author

      Thanks, we are just waiting for some good news, or not. The truck started up after tightening down loose wires around the batteries. While they managed to drive it to the shop (100 yards away), we have not heard anything since. I think waiting is the hardest part!

    1. Laura Post author

      We are back on the road! I am writing up what happened and (of course) using some of Sasha’ words too…It was not an easy fix. However, they were able to take us on Monday and the work was completed by late lunchtime on Monday. I will be posting what happened before we get to the end of Florida. We still have 128 miles to go to the end of FL.
      You can also see a video of our Roof Snafu: https://youtu.be/AQefQHsNN74
      Hugs and Happiness

    1. Laura Post author

      Thank you Albert for commenting on our post! You are welcome too. And you are making me blush by your sweet comments 🙂 Hope to see you somewhere down the road.