Orange Cliffs Glen Canyon NRA on the Ural

Orange Cliffs, Glen Canyon NRA

Orange Cliffs, Glen Canyon NRA, 4-21-2016

We took this one day outing, in and out, on 4-21-2016.


From our sweet boondocking spot in Hite, Utah, we took a backcountry Ural trip into the “Orange Cliffs Unit” of Glen Canyon NRA. This very remote “road” is the southern entrance to the Maze District of Canyonlands NP. We did not go all the way into Canyonlands as the roads further in are just too rough.

Should we go back, it will be in a Jeep. Even this access road had really rough sections that are not shown in the pictures. I was too busy keeping our momentum thru deep sand, rocky washes and slick rock benches to stop and take pictures. There was one deep sand section where I used 1WD on the way in as I had great momentum. On the way back, I most definitely needed 2WD to make it thru as you entered via a corner at slow speed.

In any event. we made it as far as the 4 way intersection with Sunset Pass and the Main Maze entry at Teapot Rock. That is about 35 miles one way from Hite and most of the road is very slow going. I was always thrilled to make it into 3rd gear but it never lasted long. 2nd and 1st were the order of the day. We saw just one other vehicle that day, a lifted Dodge diesel pickup with a pop up slide-in camper. They looked at us with amazement as they drove by.

We tried a mile or so on each branch because there are campground picnic tables we wanted to use for lunch, but the roads were too much for the Ural and my skill level. Sunset pass was VERY steep and Teapot very rocky with many places to high center. Oh well, just the 30 mile access road was enough for us and had plenty of amazing scenery on it’s own. We ended up having lunch on a slick rock bench on the way back.

Should you take this “road”, be prepared, have plenty of water, food, clothes, spare parts and know how to field repair your vehicle.

We just can’t get enough of Utah!


Gallery of that day, as usual, we had a blast

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