We are Lined Up

ATVing with My Parents May 2006

This page is dedicated to My Dad:
March 10, 2016

Creativeness and Happy Birthday, Dad!

Why is it, you very rarely see your Dad in a picture? Is it because he is always the one taking the picture? So this page is for my Dad, going back as far as I can of my photographs of my Dad.

Why is the page called poetry? Well, it may be a little poetic license to mix the arts – photography with writing. But ultimately this page will have my poetry and thoughts on things…It may be my writings or others, my Grandmother was a poet too.

Thank you Dad! Great Memories of fun events!

And to start the page off right, here is a poem, written around 1999.

To My Father, On Father’s Day

Before I begin, this I must say,
A few years back, I would not have been able to say this.
I wouldn’t have felt this way.
But much can change in a few years, a few months,
A few days.
I know having me as a daughter, your first born,
Wasn’t easy.
We’d argue and get mad and not talk for days.
I didn’t see your wisdom back then.
Yet I went into the sciences because I had an analytical
mind like you.
You have the traveling spirit, and an outdoorsy soul…
which I have too.
You helped me when I was depressed,
About a job that I hated.
You helped me get a handle on myself,
You gave me advice.
You made me feel special and that you loved me very
You gave me a part of yourself in the words that you said
And you expressed them so well I thought my heart
would burst with the love I feel for you.
I now find your words to be pieces of wisdom.
I can talk to you on the phone,
Get advice from you
Whenever I need it.

I am so happy, so proud,
so joyful to be your daughter.

Love always and forever,


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