Provisions in an Uncertain World

Provisions for An Uncertain World
No Matter Where You Live! 


Provisions In an Uncertain World

Laura & Sasha’s Excellent Adventure

Ever since we started on this adventure, we work during the summer. We have fun during the winter, living and playing in amazing areas. This type of work style is different than most people; they work in the winter and play in the summer. They are with the other thousands of tourists all trying to be in the same place.

During the summer, places for camping and RVing become “resort” towns. Prices increase for groceries and services for the tourists. Heaven forbid if you are in a place that has two seasons, the food prices will go through the roof!

For us and other travelers, we counteract those high prices by buying provisions. Provisions are foods, toiletries, paper products, anything consumable. You do not consume these items within the month you bought it. Maybe there was a great sale for granola bars that you eat all the time. Instead of buying one box, you buy two. The second box is your provision, eaten next month, the first box you consume within the month.

I want to give a shout out about this book: Your Money or Your Life, Transforming Your Relationship with Money (YMOYL). We still follow its principles of simple living, even though our finances may not be as simple as they were in the beginning.

Before We Started the RV Adventure

Before we started our adventures, we figured out a fabulous way to save money. We lived in an area that had no “seasons” per se, but great grocery stores. You read the weekly ads, go to the different stores for those particular sale items, and save money. You build up your provisions and go grocery shopping less.

As an RVer, the process is a bit different. Now you might have a large truck or a small car. You may shop at a Walmart or Costco or Sam’s Club, because you can get your RV in their parking lot. You might not know about the local grocery or you-pick farm. You may not be privy to the community supported agriculture (CSA) or Bountiful Baskets. You might not be in an area long enough to find the Asian or Italian Market. People may look at you funny when you ask for bok choy or quinoa.

We lived in some remote places, located 1.5 hours away from a grocery store. We would eat the fresh food first, drink the milk, and then go to the dried or stored foods. The dried milk or dried fruit reconstituted in water tastes just as good mixed with other foods. Pickles and olives, salsa and tomato sauce, cans and plastic bottles all work well for RVers. Meats and cheeses freeze well and rice and pasta are great for meals. Add a couple of dried spices and your meals are set. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks can come from dried and stored provisions.


Provisions In an Uncertain World

Our dried food goes into food friendly heavy plastic containers with lids. We have buckets and rounded boxes for these foods. Items like coffee, peanut butter, and chips store well in plastic storage crates. These crates go above our cabinets.

We want to make sure that no rodents can smell any of the food and think they belong in the RV. The heavy plastic insures this no smell policy.

We own an auxiliary freezer/refrigerator. In there goes the frozen fruit and vegetables when it works as a freeze. Or the fresh fruit and vegetables when it is a refrigerator. We do not eat much fresh meat, instead we get meat in cans, like tuna and chicken. Hard cheeses go in the freezer.

Make Sure You Don’t Waste Food

One of the most important aspects of provisions is to know where you placed it last! We have a chart or a list that I place in my planner. We write the dates on the pickles, olives, salsa, etc so that we eat the oldest foods first.

We call this food rotation, using the oldest item first. The same goes for toothpaste and vitamins, this way there is no waste. We have seen refrigerators filled with jars of weird science experiments. But we do not want that for our RV refrigerator. There is not enough space for that.

I bought pickles in glass jars, usually not an item you want in an RV as items vibrate as they go traveling down the road. You can wrap the items in paper or newspaper, and use cloth bags to store them. We put items like that under our dinette seats so they do not rattle as much.


Can Goods, Coffee & Tea

By having provisions in your RV, you can store your food and not waste food or money. You can be like, hmm we are getting low on X thing, let’s start looking around for it in the next store or two. This allows you to know what is on hand at any time and know when to shop for the best price.

By having provisions, you save money in both the long and short term. Money that you can use to stay the extra day in a campground and bring a fabulous meal to the next potluck. It will feed you and free you from the high prices at those resort towns. It can even save your sanity and definitely your fuel money.

Special Savings

Do you use provisions at home or in your RV? What types of foods do you like to store, just in case the next town doesn’t have them? Please post them down below, we would love to know!!

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      Thank you! You don’t have to RV in order to have provisions. Lots of people do that without even thinking about it. Some though, as you know, do not.