RVing Seminar at a Truck Camper Rally

Truck Camper Rally & Laura’s Seminar
April 2008

Workamping at Campground & Sasha working full-time

April – First Month Working for a Campground

At Truck Camper Rally, Our Site

Heading to Truck Camper Rally

April 16th: Going to a Winery! 

After work, we started to get ready to leave. We did leave around 3:30 pm and I hoped we could get to a winery before 5 pm. The winery is Linganore, they have over 15 different wines to taste, but I was only able to taste a few, as they were closing up shop.

I still was able to buy 4 bottles and some cheese. Sasha had jack-knifed the truck and trailer so that we could get in. He was smoking a cigar when I got out, and he had the chairs out. I had a glass of wine while he had his cigar. It was very nice.

We stayed the night at a Wal-Mart as we could not make it to the campground.

April 17th: Went to a Friendly’s restaurant for breakfast, and then Sasha washed the rig at a nice car wash place. Then we headed back on the road. We got to the rally area around 10:30~11 am. We spent some time getting set up, and meeting old friends and new.

Trials of An Old Laptop 

We did not take the camper off of the truck. We only took one picture of our site during the stay, probably because I was worried about my computer. It was starting to act up, which was freaking me out, as I had not done my back ups and we were planning to wipe the computer clean and restart it. But can’t do that if I can not even turn it on!

There were some huge rigs at the rally, plus over 100 people there this year. I think it was the best year ever. It got so large, they were giving everyone name tags to wear. Lots of people were there from the first year so we got to see them, and we got to meet Gordon and Angela from Truck Camper Magazine. They had done a interview with us, their second, when they were first getting off the ground. Now they have been doing the online magazine for a while, and are old hats at it.

April 18th: Friday: Sasha went to the Happijac and the Torklift Seminars while I chatted with other folks and dealt with my computer going down. The computer glitch got me into a bit of a tizzy, because I hadn’t backed things up for a while. So I had to deal with that. We went to the Crab Fest at the tent (being where we were was nice because we were close to the tent.) Several of the sponsors put up money for the event. We unfortunately did not take too many pictures of the event this time around, except for the monster truck and camper.

Monster Truck

A Monster Truck Handles the Biggest Truck Camper

Friday evening was appetizers and dessert for a meet and greet event, with some karaoke. Sasha and I did sing for that. They also gave away some prizes. We brought beer and wine and have a fabulous time.

April 19th, Saturday: I am starting to freak out, the computer is going in and out, working and not working, and I have a seminar at 10 am. First, I get over there and there is no screen, so I asked the manager where is the screen? They had to come and do an inflatable screen. So while that was filling up, my computer went dead. Thankfully someone else had a computer, but she did not have Powerpoint, she had Open Office which can see PowerPoint files, but we had to fuss around with that. While all of this was going on, the tent was filling up! My seminar was the best attended, and I did not have it going until ~ 10:30! But finally with my intrepid IT and AV team, we were up and running and I gave the seminar.

We had lots of questions after the seminar and then had lunch of hot dogs and chips. We did not do the scavenger hunt, or best rig judging or cutest dog, but chatted more with others especially the New England contingency (they had brought snow from up north to make a small snowman – which they displayed during the crab feast on April 18th.

That evening was the Prizes, Music & Fun at the tent. Almost everyone had bought tickets to win a prize and there were tons of prizes to give out.  It was around 11 pm when it finally was over, and everyone headed back to their campers.

April 20th, Sunday: People were headed out pretty quick to get over to the beach but we had breakfast in the Rec Hall first, and saw Gordon and Angela again. They write the Truck Camper Magazine. Sasha and I were featured as the second interview when they started in 2007.  They stated that they would like to do another interview with us about full timing in a truck camper.

It was great chatting with them. They added an extra tank to their truck which is soy based, so they can run on Veggie Oil instead of diesel. They just go to a Costco, get some gallons of Soy and fill up. The mileage is about the same as diesel. Now if only the price was just a little bit better and that could work with Ford, we’d be set.

We headed out of the campground around 2 pm. It was starting to get dark and scary, but it never really rained. We headed back and went to Trader Chicken for lunch – huge portions of Southern food, enough for lunch tomorrow and checked out the area a bit.

West is Best For Riding

We just did not go very far. But we planned to go to riding on Sunday.  We went to Pocomoke River State Park, to check out the riding conditions, but found they were truly lacking. What a waste, they are not well maintained, with serious mud holes and rocks. A bit of a disappointment too, with the park itself, and the parking conditions at the trailhead. If you are lucky, you could maybe fit 4 1/2 rigs into the parking area. We did not ride, but I took a nap, and Sasha was outside and took a nap. I guess we had partied a little too hardy this weekend.

Then to the Friendly’s for dinner, and to the Walmart for staying over. We came back to the Candy Hill Campground on Monday.

Normal Experiences in a Truck Camper

Happy Easter

Orthodox Easter and Spring Colors

I worked on Tuesday April 22 through to April 26th, really getting the hang of working at the campground store. It is not hard, just have to remember a few things.

On Sunday, April 27th: Serbian Easter: Orthodox Easter was later than regular Easter this year and so we went to Yvonne & John’s House for some great food and see most of the Jevtich family.

Everyone was in the spring colors, we really want spring to be here and be warm.

Laura, Sasha, and Sister

Laura, Sasha and Yvonne

On Monday April 28th, I went in with Sasha to his work, to help out a former client, and to download and get all of the files from my computer onto a hard drive to back it up.

Sasha’s co-worker, Ryan, suggested that we get a new battery, which we bought the next day. The owner of the company, Sid, came in as well, and strongly suggested getting an Apple computer, like a MacBook Pro laptop.

I must say, the Mac computers do so much, both my sister and the Batal kids (pictured above) have them. Kristina and I were playing around with her Mac Book doing pictures and video. And it was so easy to do. And they have a very good battery life. The biggest obstacles would be my Outlook files and Frontpage (website) files****.  But video and graphics work so much better on a Mac. Maybe I will take a couple of classes (free at their stores) and check it out.

Back to work on Tuesday and Wednesday April 29th and 30th: Gearing up for huge Apple Blossom Festival here in Winchester, VA, getting ready for the onslaught of people. The days are a little hectic, but not too bad. We will see what the next couple of days bring.

*****Update from the Present: I had used Frontpage, a software program for making websites before moving to Dreamweaver. As you can imagine, transferring files from one type of website creating program to another can be daunting, especially when you have over 1000 pages to do. This is why you see both present and past posts on this website.*****


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