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Taking a Long Shower Before Dump Day

Normally we take very short showers with as little water as possible, when we are boondocking.

Wet Bath in Truck Camper

When we lived in our Truck Camper, we had a marine / wet bath / shower. This means that you have to take everything out before you shower. Or that everything is in the shower: the walls, toilet, and sink are all going to get wet and is all part of the shower area with a drain on the floor. While we managed to live in the TC for 2.5 years, we grew very tired of that system. \

Fifth Wheel with Bigger Tanks

Now we have a water heater for 10 gallons. Heating the water can be done via propane when boondocking or electric when in a campground. We both have short hair, well, Sasha has a buzz cut, we can do pretty short showers. When water is at a premium, I can take a 3 minute, and less than 1 gallon shower.

On Dump Day

But when Dump Day comes around, we need the shower water to rinse the sewer hose.

For Newbies, you empty the black before the gray. Why not take that long shower and use up all 10 gallons when you know that you will be filling up shortly?

So that is what we do. Usually, Sasha takes a shower at night and I take one on the morning of Dump Day. That way we are not wasting water. We are then assured we have enough water for cleaning the hose.

Do you do something similar on Dump Day?

We Hope you enjoyed seeing our boondocking spot as well. Our newest video is up, about Planners and Weekly Planning:

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