Sasha’s Retirement Gift

The Finances of Living in a Truck Camper:
April 2009

Living Apart for Three Weeks

Start of New Job and Retirement

April – A Present For Sasha

Us & NPS

Laura & Sasha at Cape Hatteras

April –  Spring is in the air! Time for new beginnings, New Job, New Lifestyle, and New Adventures! It also is the ending of a few things, like Sasha’s Job and Career, selling our car, and ending suburbia living.

OK April was an interesting month as we bought Sasha a retirement gift of a new MacBook Pro laptop.

April 2009 – Living in a house and in the RV. How much money did we waste on Eating Out because we were living separately for three weeks 🙁 ?


Expenses for April 2009

  • Food, Food and Household: $207.33
  •         , Out to Eat: $331.90
  • Transportation, Car Gas: $79.47
  •                        , Car Getting Ready to Sell: $60.00
  •                        , Truck, Diesel: $145.90
  •                        , Motorcycle, Gas: $49.34
  •                        , Motorcycle, Maintenance: $272.17
  • Utilities, Rent (NPS): $160.00
  •             , Propane: $25.20
  • Camper Expenses: Services: $20.02
  • Communication, Postage: $1.00
  •                          , Cell Phones: $60.90
  •                          , Laptop & Software: $1,805.76
  • Health, Insurance (L): $113.00
  •            , Haircut and other: $21.98
  • Recreation, Gifts: $26.25
  •                  , Fun Stuff: $9.50
  •                  , Garden: $105.09
  •                  , Books: $4.00

Total Expenses = $3,498.81

Getting Ourselves Ready For What Lies Ahead

The reason for high expenses this month was that we bought a Mac laptop! Otherwise it would have been lower. But Sasha wanted his own computer, and we decided to go the Mac route. Present Day Laura: It would still be a year before I went the MacBook Pro way too. But it was coming. We decided to have Sasha learn how to use a Mac before I did.

Food Still High

Since we were away from each other this month, the Meals to Go was a little higher than it should be.

Transportation Costs Go DOWN! 

We sold our car, so now we are down to just the Truck and Sasha’s Motorcycle! Yahoo on that – less insurance and less maintenance now that there is one less vehicle. May’s transportation costs should be going down. But this month we were separated and so Sasha was living with his parents and having to drive to work. He would take the car just in case someone called wanting to see the car.

Sasha also got the rest of the maintenance done on the motorcycle, so now, when he has to do an oil change or other stuff, he can do that himself.

Laura Living in The Truck Camper Without Sasha

So working in the National Park is great and our rent is pretty low – can’t find that price anywhere along the Outer Banks for a monthly rental. However, that does not include propane, so we filled up our tanks before we got here, just in case. We are going to check out solar heating of the water when it gets warmer, so that we do not have to use the propane as much.

Crazed Accounting

We did buy some stuff for the camper – it is not really camper services, more like camper stuff, like post office keys and I do not know why I put ear plugs in camper services – it should be probably under health – sometimes I am not sure where to put stuff, and so that is where it goes. Also too, although we bought stuff at Lowes and Home Depot, it was not for us, but for Sasha’s parents, but we put it in our camper services area. As the camper is now our home, I guess you could call it home services.

Communication Craziness

But the biggest expenses this month came under Communication. I was getting calls left and right from family and from Sasha since we were separated for THREE WHOLE WEEKS so there were LOTS of calls. So we upped the amount to 600 minutes this month.

Of course, a week after we upped it, Sasha was home, and the amounts of calling went way down, but with this plan, I do not have to use up the minutes each month, I can extend it out to April 2010. Obviously, I will be using up the minutes before then, but it just goes to show, having a pay as you go plan can work well for those that need it. And it is so much cheaper than the big name brands.

We also got a refurbished Mac Book for Sasha. So that cost was in communication. Plus, we set up a wifi hot spot at the camper so that we both could be on the computer at the same time. Sasha did this on one of the first days when he got back, and so we now have 5 GB Verizon USB card connected to a router. Present Day Laura: HAHAHAHA That is so low now, but back then we thought it was the best way to go. And it was back then. The cost was low, the bandwidth high and we used it for surfing the web and emails, not really for watching videos.

We also bought a ton of storage for files-mostly for pictures and Sasha’s music collection, but one of the “chores” for Sasha in the coming months is to work on the picture collection. We have pictures all over the place and they really need to get organized.

Health Insurance Will Cost More, But Not This Month

Health insurance is the same for me, in June, Sasha will start paying for his insurance. We shall see how bad it is then. I also put haircut in the health spot.

Fun Stuff and Gardening

Well, you can see the fun stuff, we did some fun things including getting the newspaper a couple of times and Sasha got a box of cigars – hopefully that will last him a while.

And then, for me……Gardening again! Although I am not doing the exact Square Foot Gardening with the wooden boxes – I got containers and used the Mel’s Mix for the soil and used his procedures to grow some stuff. I now have lettuces, radishes, spinach, rosemary, basil, beets, calendula, nasturtiums, chives, and arugula. Lots of stuff for the salad, even though there is not that much of it. I keep picking it and eating it on the way to work.

Under gifts – it was Lindsay’s birthday this month, so we got her a nice present. Unfortunately that was the weekend we were leaving so I was not able to see her on her birthday, but I heard she had a great day!

May Will sure be interesting, with Sasha taking long walks on the beach and Laura getting used to working in a NATIONAL PARK!

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