Sasha’s Ride To The Cheaper Side

Sasha’s Ride In 2008 Buying a Motorcycle

Buying from a Private Seller & Learning New Words

Enclosed are some scenic pics from Sasha’s Ride in March 2008 one-way ride from Orlando, Florida to Prince William Forest Park which was our home for almost a year.

I’ve been looking all over the USA for a gently used and well FARKLEd (Fabulous Accessories, Really Kool, Likely Expensive) Suzuki VStrom 1000 for about 9-10 months now. I selected this bike on the basis of suitability to my needs and a significantly lower cost when  compared to similar models in it’s class.

A poor man’s BMW GS Adventure in other words. This bike works well for commuting, 1 or 2 up travel and while not a dirt bike by any means, can certainly handle National Park dirt roads and forestry roads like we expect to encounter in the future, like this one for example:

Canyonlands And Not Sasha

Canyonlands And Not Sasha

(Side Note: That is not Sasha on the bike, and also this bike was bought over two years in advance of when we would ultimately go to Canyonlands National Park. And when we did, he did not have the VStrom.)

Anyway, January 2008, I finally found the bike I was looking for. It was located in the outskirts of Orlando, Florida and the seller proved to be a great guy, very easy to work with and honest. By pure coincidence, part of our family was planning a late-March vacation there and had generously invited Laura and myself. We went back and forth on going but when Laura found out the bike was in Orlando, she booked a round trip flight for her and a one-way for me.

I left Orlando on mid morning Tuesday 3/25/08 and made it back to our old cabin late on the night of Friday 3/28/08, making my ride a 4 day trip. I did not go the direct route. In fact, I purposely rode hundreds of miles out of my way so that I could experience the beauty of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Parkway meanders 469 miles between Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountains National Parks. Unfortunately, time did not allow me to ride the full length of this amazing road. We were about to move after all and Laura wanted me back by Friday night, can’t blame her. I ended up riding long lengths though, a long section in NC and most of the Virginia portion.

Check out the pictures below, Most of these were not in the original website as we did not have an easy way to show the pictures:

Pictures of the Trip

Day one route took me thru various Florida back roads and the beautiful Ocala National Forest.

Day 2 route took me from Jennings Florida to Commerce, Georgia. (sorry Richard, did not have the time to drop in).

Day 3 route took me from Commerce, Georgia to Statesville, NC. (I really wish I had time to ride in Great Smokey Mountains NP.) This route included a good chunk of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Every time I get in North Carolina, I am very impressed by the immensity of this state with it’s wide variety of terrain and amazing beauty. In the future, I want to spend more time in NC and I think Laura agrees. They have it all from beaches to mountains and everything in between. Friendly people too.

Day 4 route took me from Statesville, NC to home. This route included almost the entire VA portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway except for the last 10 miles. There was a local forest fire in the area and rangers re-routed me thru Crabtree Falls.


Sasha of

You can click on the pictures to really see the pictures.

Nice Bike!

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