Saving Energy By Making Choices

The Finances of Living in a Truck Camper:
February 2008

Old Pros as Cabin Hosts

Volunteering 3 days a week and Sasha working full-time

February – old hats at being Cabin Camp Hosts for the Winter

We were becoming old hats at doing the hosting position at the cabin camps. It is a pretty easy job, as long as you make sure that the people clean up after themselves. That is the hardest part.

Less TV for Me, Reading Much More

I think most of the books we have been reading are because of the colorful covers! Some of these books I was able to whip through in a day or two. Carl Hiaasen always writes such interesting stuff, but the Tourist Season was very violent. Maybe Sasha will say different, but I did not laugh as much with that one as I usually do with his books.

I also just finished reading Plum Lovin’ and Hitched books. Both were very good, quick and easy reads, Plum Lovin’ is a Stephanie Plum mystery and Hitched was a Regan Reilly mystery I had absolutely loved The Lottery Winner when it came out oh so many years ago, and every now and again, Carol Higgins Clark comes out with a new book, which I just have to read.

We are reading a lot more books now, as the TV does not give us much entertainment. I really don’t think there are too many shows that I would like to watch. So there are a lot more books.

Dentist & Dinner

We went out for dinner on Valentine’s Day, after going to the dentist so that we both could get crowns put on our teeth. Sasha was so funny, he had had Novocain (a couple of shots at least) and was talking so funny – he said his lips were not moving. I wish I had recorded him. Right after we came back from the dentist, Sasha was on a conference call with a client…Oh BOY. But I think he wrote out the questions to someone else on the conference call, and did not speak.

We went to a restaurant (well, we tried to go to several but as it was Valentine’s Day, booked solid) so we ended up at Hamburger in Paradise. The food was good, the service was not so good. I think all of the servers/managers/bartenders were pretty young.

Our server never came around after our food was served, and I had to go up to the bar to get water. But the biggest problem was dessert. I decided to order this S’More Martini, which looked great in the picture, with graham crackers around the rim and chocolate and marshmallows floating in the drink. She brought it back (after what seemed to be a longish time) without the graham crackers along the rim.

Obviously, not too many people ask for this drink, because the bartender did not know how to make it, and the server did not realize how it was supposed to look. I showed the server the picture, she took it back. It came back again, and again not looking like the picture, like they put a few crumbs on the edges and I said forget it. Not good, take it off of the bill.

I guess this is why we do not go out to eat at regular restaurants. I know some waiters/waitresses are new, but come on, people. The only time she came around was to see if we wanted to buy more, whether it was food, drinks, beers whatever.

Cooking with a CrockPot

I have started to make more food. Sasha is getting used to some of the food that I am trying out. Thankfully food in a Crock pot really can’t go wrong, I got a cook book from my Mom and there are a lot of recipes in there. But I was really psyched, I was able to do baked potatoes in a crock pot. That was from the Fix it and Forget About It Cookbook. It was so easy, did not use too much electricity, and we now have baked potatoes for lunches/dinners.

RV Show and Possibilities

February 23rd we went to the Fredericksburg RV show, which was pretty different from the Washington DC show. It was much smaller, BUT they had seminars at this one. So we went to a couple of seminars and checked out a couple more RVs. We are still checking out Toy Haulers, to see what is available to us. We need to keep it light, as the Tow Vehicle is a Ford F350 single rear tire, even though we do have heavy duty wheels and tires. With a Toy Hauler, we would no longer need a trailer, the toys would fit in the back. But we are not sure yet.

Happy Birthday to my Mom, February 27!

Teaching a Seminar!

Found out that I will be doing a seminar at the Mid Atlantic Truck Camper Rally in April – a 30 – 45 minute seminar on “The In’s and Out’s of Full Timing in a Truck Camper”. I am figuring 30 minutes for a seminar and with time to introduce ourselves and 10 minutes of Question and Answer time afterwards. Hopefully we will have use of a projector or something, so that there is something visual, but I might not have that.

Traveling to See Family

Went up to New Jersey with my Mom on Tuesday, February 26th so that we could get my parents other car and see my aunt and uncle, niece and nephews, and cousins. We had a great time on Tuesday night, with really good Italian food and lots of laughter. Mom and I then drove separate cars down to Williamsburg (6 hours – Yikes!) and I stayed over in Williamsburg. We drove back on Thursday. I hope that I do not have to get into a car for a little while as that was a bit of driving.




Expenses for February 2008

  • Food, Food and Household: $334.49
  • Food, Out to Eat: $120.53
  • Transportation, Car Gas: $188.26
  • Transportation, Truck Diesel: $176.93
  • Transportation, Maintenance: $31.91
  • Transportation, Down Payment & Equipment: $883.26
  • Communication, Internet: $7.47
  • Communication, Postage: $73.98
  • Health, Insurance: $134.00
  • Health, Health Club: 39.95
  • Recreation, Fun Stuff (Airline tickets): $433.80
  • Recreation, Books/CDs: $48.73

Total Expenses = $1,816.38

Short Month But Expensive One

Ouch, this month, even though it was a short one, took a little beating. We had decided by February, since I had gotten the job in Winchester at Candy Hill Campground, that Sasha would get a motorcycle, a Suzuki V Strom 1000. He would use that to travel back and forth for work. So under ATV/Bike, is the down payment for the bike and Sasha’s protective gear for riding the motorcycle. I did not put it under clothing because he would wear it only when riding the bike.

Selling More Stuff

The postage is up again, because we sold more stuff on eBay and Amazon. The Fun Stuff is the Airline tickets to Florida in March (bought three tickets, two for me each one way (cheaper and the times I wanted) and one for Sasha – just going down to Florida.) Sasha will ride the motorcycle back from Florida. OH MY GOD – yes I know, CRAZED! While he is driving up to Virginia, I will be with my parents, Sister and Brother-in-law, and nephew and niece down in Orlando. Sasha has to call me each time he gases up.

No Utilities

We do not have any Utilities this month or in March because we live in the cabin, so don’t have to worry about that. We still go to the gym and dentist this month. Back to getting healthy.

Still Savings is HIGH

So if our expenses are around $1800 to $2500 a month, our income is the same, although we now have money in US Government Bonds and High Interest CDs. We are saving money hand over fist now. How much savings? More than half of salary and interest payments. We might be even able to have Sasha retire earlier than thought. We shall see…

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