Writing Prompts to Understand Yourself Near Tax Day

Using Your Writing Prompts Near Tax Day

Why Is Tax Day Not on April 15th? 

Laura & Sasha's Excellent Adventure!

Laura & Sasha’s Excellent Adventure

Laura & Sasha’s Excellent Adventure

Our adventures take many avenues. We write about our adventures and how others can follow a similar path especially when it comes to money and knowing yourself.

Sometimes that is not always easy. By writing down using prompts allows your brain to take out all the bad and the negative, and focus on what can be done in the here and now.

By using these different writing prompts this week, I delved in further to my psyche and came up with some great observations about myself and our lifestyle.  A day like tax day sometimes means you have to go back in time, to remember what you did. I have been doing that since March, going back to understand ourselves better.

I want to give a shout out about this book: Your Money or Your Life, Transforming Your Relationship with Money (YMOYL). We still follow its principles of simple living, even though our finances may not be as simple as they were in the beginning. We are always on the look out for higher interest rates as we do not take any loans to buy things.


I have always enjoyed writing about money but there are other aspects of our lifestyle that I also like to write about as well. I sought out a friend of a friend’s post, and thought, Why Not?

Using Writing Prompts To Learn About Your Psyche

I used the prompts down below, and added to them as we were going through some, I would not say difficult, however, they were a little trying for the both of us. The first two prompts were on Finances & Writing Can Go Together.

3) What Are You Most Grateful For?

I am grateful for this RVing Lifestyle and the foresight we took by putting the money we made from the sale of our house into US Government 30-Year Bonds. This way we do not have to earn as much money to live. As long as we stay around $24,000 to $26,000 a year in expenses, we can still save and live this lifestyle.

Now, not all of the money we received in the selling of our house in 2007 bought bonds. We also put money in CDs and had some liquid cash just in case. And I was doing a tiered-system where we bought four, five, and seven year CDs, thinking that the interest rates would rise.

As that did not happen, I slowly put that money when they came due into Municipal Bonds or Guaranteed Interest producing stocks. But that came later, like in 2014.

4) The Most Important Qualities in a Friend

Three most important qualities in a friend (for me) are these and in no particular order:

  1. Ability to listen without always remarking or suggesting
  2. Having a sense of adventure and doing those adventures
  3. They have similar views about the world and the environment


Why these three? 

  1. Sometimes you just need a shoulder to lean on, and sometimes you just want to vent
  2. We cannot be sedentary all the time, we have to go out and grab the opportunities when they arise. It does not necessarily mean hiking a cliff wall, but you can put yourself out there in front of people and do something you normally don’t do.
  3. I really dislike arguing over and over. Dare I say it? I rarely use the word hate, but in this instance, I hate arguing when there is no win-win-win in the end.


5) One Thing You Need to Stop Doing?

I need to stop worrying about things I have no control over. I had stopped this a while ago, but then the Worry Machine reared its ugly head yet again. It made for indigestion and a few nights of insomnia. I do not need that hassle. Once you go down the road of insomnia, it is very hard to come out of it. I know, I had it for a long time before we started this RVing Lifestyle. This does not mean Keep Calm and Carry On, this means take things that you have no control over off your plate. But that is not as catchy a quote.

6) One Thing You Need to Start Doing?

This one was very appropriate for me as we were headed to the nutritionist’s office the next day. I need to make this one a habit: Food journalling for a month. We need to really figure out what is going into our mouths and to cut back on certain foods. I need to cut way down on sugar and Sasha needs to cut down on calories and fat. We both like nutritious and whole foods, so this should not be a shock to us. But sometimes I wish we had done this sooner. Anyhoo, food tracking / journalling is made easier with the Happy Planner I got last week.

7) How are you feeling today?

This was the day we went to the nutritionist’s office and we came home unhappy and hungry. It was a serious wake-up call for the both of us on portion control. The amounts of grains we are eating (and not very good grains either) plus fat that we use, help keep the weight on. Since I have to deal with a gluten-free diet, we had cut most wheat products out, but when you are hungry, you’ll eat almost anything to get that fullness in your stomach. This appointment showed us that we really could not do that anymore and instead eat more vegetables but without the fat.

8) Three Things You and Your Best Friend Have in Common?

My Best Friend is Sasha. We have a ton of things in Common, but to go along the same lines as the last couple of days in writing prompts, this one should be easier.

We are overweight and did not count calories until yesterday. This is something we will be working on for a while.

Both of us like adventure in its many forms, hiking, and reading, even if the books are not the same.

Both of us feel comfortable with less stuff and living a more simplistic lifestyle. Good thing too, as we have been doing the RVing Lifestyle for over 10 years now!

9) Your Life Story in Five Sentences

Hi I am Laura of Laura-n-Sasha.com, on an Excellent Adventure that we created for ourselves. I’ve had five careers: as an environmental geologist, computer trainer, small business owner, employee of the federal government, and now as a nonprofit manager. I used to be a morning person, then a night owl; now I am the founding member of The Crack of Noon Club.   I’m originally from a town in New Jersey, married and lived in a suburb of Washington, DC, and now work, play, and live in many different areas all over the US. We sold our house and everything in it and moved into an RV; we follow voluntary simplicity and find happiness in simple pleasures.

Why is Tax Day Not on April 15th? (Freebie Question) 

Tax Day was always on April 15th when we were growing up. Then, in 2005, the Major of the District of Columbia (Washington, DC) signed in a law for a holiday. That holiday occurs on April 16th. If the holiday is on a Saturday or Sunday, then it is celebrated on a Monday. Tax Day is not allowed to fall on a Saturday or Sunday or on a celebrated holiday.

This means that this year, April 15th falls on a Saturday, but because Emancipation Day (the DC holiday) falls on a Sunday, the holiday is celebrated on a Monday. Since Tax Day is on a Saturday, it would switch to a Monday, but since it is a holiday, then Tax Day is Tuesday, April 18th. You still have 9 days to get your taxes in. Thankfully we got ours in a little earlier than that.

April Writing Prompts 

These seven will be the next week’s writing prompts. Some of them look easier than others.
10. A place you have never visited
11. How important is fame?
12. What is a “perfect” day?
13. How do you make decisions?
14. Describe kindness
15. 10 things you should always have
16. The word that you overuse

May I ask you a Question?

Most people pay something in federal taxes, so I wanted to find out from you:

Did You Have to Pay or Did You Get a Refund when you file?  Thank you!