To Taylor Reservoir and Park

The Long Trip in 2006

Heading to Taylor Reservoir, Colorado

Date: September 8, 2006
Mileage starting at 24,455

We got up on Friday, left the campground around 1115 and we are going to a Wal-Mart to stock up. We will be off-line for a while, as we are going into an area that does not get service with either the cell phones or air cards. We will report back in on Tuesday, when I go into town for supplies and to do some work. 

As soon as we went past Canon City, the Internet was on its last bars and the GPS was going in and out. We had finished with Wal-Mart at ~ 1300 (1 pm) and started west on Route 50. (you’ll see with the next couple of pictures why there is no internet.)

We are at Bighorn Sheep Canyon and we are going along a very curvy road during the rain. The rapids of the Arkansas River are on our right and cliffs are on our left. The river looks muddy but it is flowing well. We are at an elevation of ~ 6100 feet ASL and continually going up. My ears keep popping. 

As we went past the town of Texas Creek, the water became more clear, not as muddy looking. 

Passed a KOA at around 1400 (2 pm) and there were about 10 people camping (all RV types – no tents visible.)

Back into the high valley instead of the canyon at 1405, Cingular is working, Sprint is not, and the GPS is on yellow.

Got into the town of Salida and hit 7000 feet ASL at 1430 (2:30 pm) and have full bars on Cingular, but the GPS is on yellow and Sprint is no where to be found. Salida even has a Safeway and a Wal-Mart! The T-Mobile card is not working either.

At 8000 feet ASL at 1442 (2:42 pm) still raining, 50 degrees outside, no cell services, no internet and GPS intermittent. But Gorgeous scenery and some of the trees are starting to change.

Monarch Pass – lots of pine, and several RVs passed us going the other way. We see a grove of Aspen trees on the left. Too quick for a photo, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of them.

Just hit 9000 Feet ASL at 1448 (2:48 pm), 47 degrees F, no cell or internet service, but the GPS is doing fine. Trees are definitely changing up here. 

at 10,000 feet ASL, just went by the Monarch Ski area, at 1500 (3 pm), 43 degrees F; Cingular working, but internet, Sasha’s Cell phone and GPS are not. We are at the continental divide at 11350 feet ASL and are now going DOWN! 

We are now on the other side of the continental divide and in a valley again. The Temp is 54 degrees F and we are at 8500 feet ASL. No Internet and no cell phone. And all the cows are laying down and there is a slight rain. So the weather on this side of the continental divide is the same as on the other side.



[Future Laura: We seem to have a love-hate relationship with campgrounds, we like some of the features of some of them, but others are just not what we want, and why should we have to pay extra? Oh well…] 

Town of Gunnison

Stopped in the town of Gunnison at 1600, could not find internet service, Sasha’s Cell does not work and my cell has full bars. The Beanery Coffee shop on Rt. 135 has internet access and there is a library as well. (Usually libraries have internet access but not always.)

Got to the campground at 1700, got water in the tanks, and checked out the different sites. Found one across from the campground host that is a pull-through. It started to downpour as we were setting up, so Sasha, God Bless him, went out and unhooked the trailer himself, and then we will set up on the electric. Each site comes with metal picnic table and Lantern holder and fire ring.

Took awhile to set up camp as Sasha used a new system to have the camper be steady after it is off of the truck. Yes we took it off of the truck, and I’m sure it will be fun getting it back on later.

The Camp Host came up as we were setting up and stated that the site cost $20 a night but it is much more beautiful views even if the rest of the stuff is the same (both had electric, no water or sewer at the site, beautiful views, picnic tables and fire rings, pull-though sites) although this campground has 50 Amp service (which we can’t use, it is for big RVs).

This place does not have showers (the other place had them but you had to pay for the shower.) There is no dump station here, that is 5 miles away at the sewage treatment plant and the toilets are pit ones not flush. So the four dollars extra cost must be for the views – which are spectacular.

Campground Diatribe

State Parks, the two we have seen, seem to be low on the amenities as far as hook-ups, but high on the landscape, views, and recreational possibilities. I guess they figure you have an RV, so why not use its’ facilities rather than the campground’s facilities (or lack thereof). Some campgrounds have picnic tables and fire rings, because you are camping and want to have a fire, but really, you could use your propane stove and cook over it that way.

It seems the more remote you are, the less the amenities. That is fine and expected, because the views and the place should be stunning. It just seems odd to me that if you are at a Reservoir that you would have showers. Coming off of that lake from your recreational activities, you would think there would be a way to rinse off, at least.

I don’t know, but it is something to think about as we go to campgrounds and as we boondock.

End of the day mileage: 24,640 miles.

We drove from Lake Pueblo State Park to Taylor Reservoir and Park.


The expenses are already done, when we were at Lake Pueblo to Taylor Reservoir.

    • $32 for two nights at State Park
    • $2 for showers
    • $5 for laundry
    • $366.41 for diesel with average price of diesel at $2.97 a gallon
    • $94.77 Walmart purchases
    • $22.59 Gas for motorcycles

Check out Taylor Reservoir for pictures and the expenses of those three days.


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