Truck Maintenance

Black & White Smoke While Starting!!

We had a change in plans (see post: How Can You Plan When Life Changes) for this weekend. We were supposed to head to Hanksville to get work done on the 5th Wheel’s brakes, but our truck had problems starting. When it did start, we got white and sometimes black smoke coming out of the exhaust.

Boondocking Spots

Landon’s Diesel Services

Very worrisome for us, as our truck is a 1999 Ford F450. The truck does not have too many computer components. However, the problem could not be solved by Sasha and friends. This time we needed expert help. Thankfully, Sasha had heard of Landon’s Diesel Service, in Price, Utah (Phone number: 1-866-307-1413).

Boondocking Spots

Unusual Boondocking Spots: Landon’s Diesel Services

Sasha called them up on Saturday, and we left our boondocking spot outside of Wellington, Utah and headed back to Price, to park in their lot over the weekend. We met Mushy and his dogs, who are getting work done on his ATV, and stayed parked for the weekend.

Monday, October 10: Woke up early (for us) and a technician used his fancy computer to diagnosis the problem. He thinks it is the Glow Plugs (similar to spark plugs for gas cars) in our diesel truck engine.

Each plug costs $30 and we have an eight cylinder engine. Therefore $240 for the parts, and probably another $120 for labor to change out the glow plugs today or tomorrow.

Lessons Learned:

  • These glow plugs are the originals. There was no way to know when they would go bad.
  • Businesses that answer their phones on a Saturday are a huge plus for RVers and folks with diesel trucks.
  • Recommendations of others helps make decisions
  • Having a group of known “Diesel Dogs” or Service people in your contacts or business card book is very important when traveling. We suggest a Card Book Holder with at least 72 to 96 slots.


If you have recommendations of Diesel Dogs or Service people in your area, please comment below.

Organizing and Writing Posts Day October 10, 2016


We did have some fun over the weekend, and another post today will be the Nine Mile Canyon. Plus one about Planning, How Can You Plan When Life Changes? But first, we need some snooze time since we got up so early. Well, at least one of us needs to snooze.

See you soon!

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