Vehicle Maintenance

The Finances of Living in a Fifth Wheel Toyhauler!
August 2010

Traveling WITH New Rig

Summer Heat

August – Vehicle Maintenance

First Shadow Pic of Laura & Sasha

First Shadow Pic of Laura & Sasha

If all goes according to plan, we will volunteer in the winter (which ended up being only a couple of months: January and February) and work/volunteer for six months at a National Park. Then head to Texas for some driver licenses and then back East for a couple of months. Then hopefully back to Nevada in the month of December. That is the hope anyway.

August 2010 – Getting Hot in Canyonlands National Park and it is the monsoon season – more rain, more pollen….

Expenses for August 2010

  • Food, Food and Household: $340.41
  •         , Out to Eat: $267.04
  • Clothing, Both: $42.25
  • Transportation, Diesel: $260.25
  •                        , Moto Vehicles, Gas: $104.61
  •                        ,                        , Maintenance: $503.85
  •                        , Parking: $2.15
  • Utilities, Rent: $100.00
  • Camper, Stuff: $1,422.16
  • Communication, Cell Phone: $0
  •                          , Verizon: $58.92
  •                          , Postage/Escapees: $223.86
  • Health, Insurance (L): $0
  •           , Insurance (S): $0
  • Recreation, Gifts: $21.68
  • Losses, Fees (eBay): $21.57

Total Expenses = $3,388.75

Went Out to Eat While Touring the Area

Ok, first off, we did spend more in food this month than last month. And we went out to eat more often, because we went traveling a bit more in August. We went to Telluride and Ouray, Colorado, to get away from the heat. And therefore, spent more money on food, going out to eat, and food stuff that is good for camping.

We went to Telluride and Ouray in the beginning part of August, and as we did not take the camper nor did we stay in a tent, we ate most of our dinners out. While I do realize that it is the most expensive meal of the day, we had stuff for breakfasts and lunches, and no way to cook or make the dinners, so that was when we went out.

While in Ouray, we went to a German beer garden: Billy Goat Gruff for a couple of beers and a couple of small dinners. They looked like they had been wiped out with a very large group that had come before us. But the beer was good and the scenery excellent. We lijked the town and the motel that we stayed at was interesting.

Camper Stuff = Motel Room Stays

Part of the Camper Stuff was actually the motel room for several nights for $284 (three fun-filled nights!) We stayed at Antler’s Motel. Why it was called Antler’s I really do not know, but one of the nights that we were there we saw an elk, so that was probably why. Our motel room was more than a room, there was actually two rooms and a bathroom. The smaller room was where we placed all of our bags and extra stuff. It was an old-fashioned type of room but there was a flat screen TV and pretty fast WIFI, so the place was not too shabby! It was run by a couple of 20-year olds.

Refurbishing Pink Leather Jacket

The clothing that we got was mostly of mine. I have this fabulous pink leather jacket with a not so fabulous zipper. The zipper broke about a month before, and so I could not wear it when we were doing trips and riding my scooter to and from work. So we had the local leather repair place fix it for me. But it cost $40. And then Sasha got a belt and that cost $2.25. Totally clothing expense $42.25, but not too bad for an otherwise excellent leather jacket. Present Day Laura: I still have the jacket and the zipper is still working well. I love that Jacket!

Transportation Costs Because of Traveling

Since we were traveling a bit, we spent money on diesel. We also bought, each time we went into town, about 2 gallons of gasoline for the motorcycle and scooter, until the very last day of the month, Sasha was able to bring in several larger gasoline cans. Then we were able to not worry about the gasoline for a while. Since our RV has a “gas station” within it, it can be very helpful to have gas when needed.

We also did lots of maintenance on the truck and on both the scooter and the motorcycle.

The largest expense was the truck transmission. When we parked our 5th wheel in March, the sand around the parking area was very soft and loose. It made for an extremely difficult parking situation. There was no gravel, and very little concrete, basically nothing solid in which to get a hold of while we were trying to park. We figured for sure that the truck was in trouble afterwards as we found the truck slightly jumping (I’m sure it is called something different but that is how it seemed to me) usually after going 25 mph. But we did not get the transmission done until AFTER we went to Telluride and Ouray. So some of the rides through the passes of Colorado were made more interesting with this lovely transmission!

Last month we had to get new tires and they were installed at the end of last month. But we did not get the tires aligned until this month. So that was under the maintenance portion too.

The parking shown was when we went to Telluride, CO and parked. We then walked the town, and took a few pictures.

Paying Rent for Space and Utilities

We paid rent again for the site and the utilities, but the DSL is extra, of course.

In August, we did some upgrading on our rig, which means that we got rid of the sofa couch that was in there and got a nice pleather couch that has two lazy boy seats so that we can sit in comfort. The middle portion allows the back to come down and has two spots for drinks but it is also a good arm rest area. If there are other people, then there is also a third seat. And the couch goes nicely with the other colors of the inside of the rig. It was a good purchase. A little tough to move, but we got it put in, without even touching the ground once (used the cardboard strategically placed to move it.) Present Day Laura: That couch lasted about three years, so while it seemed like a good purchase at the time, the color and the chairs themselves did not last. We went with two separate reclining chairs second time.

Communication is Sending Via Snail Mail

The postage and Escapees means that we sent more money to Escapees for delivering our mail. But we had a bunch of postage this month because we were selling off quite a few things, and they were heavy. We sold the wheels and the old tires of the truck, and they were heavy! So of course, that cut into our profits, but the wheels that we had on the truck were pretty special, so I am glad someone else will be able to use them.

Recreation and Fees

We had a couple of kids’ birthdays and I got some very nice necklaces for them in Telluride, CO. The losses that you see were because of Ebay, the “cut” they take from you selling online. That is the first time I have put the cuts up on the expenses, but it truly is the case, and makes sense to put it on there. On our sheet, of course, we see the income coming in, and it does not show the fees.

How are your expenses in the Summer?

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