Shoshone Falls, Idaho

We visit Shoshone Falls

Videos: Laura-n-Sasha

We have an unusual lifestyle, way different than most of our contemporaries.  With no children and no house (nor so much stuff) we travel part of the year and work at a nonprofit for five months of the year.

During the time we do not work, we have adventures and create videos of those adventures. While we have a backlog of videos taken over the years, we still try to get some of them onto YouTube. Laura created a YouTube account back in 2006, and put videos on there that are still earning us money.

We have created How To Videos and Ural With Us videos, adventure videos and other fun videos  so that you can see how fun RVing can be.


Our Videos

We just want to help others realize that they too can do these adventures, dreams, and choices. So come follow along, here are some of the adventures we have had or will have around the next corner.

You can also check out our channel at

Laura & Sasha’s Excellent Adventure in

Ultimately, I will have the videos below, but for now, the playlists above are pretty cool. Thanks!

Our Adventures

  • 2006: Dinosaurs Rule the Year
  • 2007: Starting our Full-Time Experience
  • 2008: Workamping For the First Time
  • 2009: Sasha’s Retirement, National Park Service, & Volunteerism
  • 2010: Working for National Parks
  • 2011: Opportunities
  • 2012: Visits with Family
  • 2013: Working for the Forest Service
  • 2014: Uraling Rides
  • 2015: More Uraling Rides plus Viewing Wildlife
  • 2016: Planning With Me, Rides, and more
  • 2017: Florida Living and Getting Healthy

We continually strive to bring you the best.

Here is just one of the videos I just uploaded for Making the Switch in Planners:



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