Visiting With Folks & Hardware Buying

Finances of Living in a Fifth Wheel Toyhauler
August 2013

Full Time RVing – Cheaper RVing?

Summer Visitors

August – Visiting With Folks and Hardware Buying

Laura & Her Parents

Laura & Her Parents & The Volcano

Four months of Volunteering at Lake Mead, followed by working for the US Forest Service in Washington State: Mount St. Helen’s National Volcanic Monument, then dealing with a sequestration and ultimate Government Shutdown, then headed to areas to boondock for the winter. A crazy life awaits for those who decide to say YES! I am up to the challenge! 

August 2013 – Washington State: Mount St. Helen’s National Volcanic Monument

Expenses: For the Month of August: Not too Bad for what we bought and visiting with Laura’s Folks! Getting below $2K just does not seem possible right now. 

Expenses for August 2013

  • Food, Food and Household: $322.92
  •         , Out to Eat: $187.67
  • Household, Rent: $126.00
  •                  , Tools: $44.81
  • 5th Wheel, Upgrades: $19.08
  •                 , Campground: $475.00
  • Transportation, Truck Upgrades: $48.71
  • Communication, Cell Phone: $34.97
  •                          , InReach: $0.37
  •                          , Internet: $0
  •                          , Hardware: $195.31
  •                          , iPad: $499.00
  • Health, Both Insurance: $117.72
  • Recreation, Books/Map: $54.20
  •                  , Fun Stuff: $2.05

Total Expenses = $2,176.77

Normal Summer of Expenses (sort of!)

August was actually not too bad, and we were able to save a bit of money too. Here’s to hoping September’s expenses will be not that bad either (although I might have to go peach picking or go to some farmers markets to get my intake of peaches…we shall see.)

Out To Eat is Less, Staying Home More

Food: Buying for two homes and shopping more, however we do not seem to be eating out AS much as before.

This still seems to be the case, although we did not eat out as much this month (even with the parents visiting!)

We did not go picking this month, and probably won’t next month either as we have to do some work on the rig. It is too bad though, as the peaches are pretty good. October will be apples and you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be out picking and drying them for sure.

Household/Shelter: So I pay for rent – $126 for the month. But now we also have $475 rent for the RV for the weekends. I know, it seems high but it comes with Electricity! and Wifi that actually works! We had some unfortunate internet usage problems though last month so we bought something to increase the wifi connectivity in the rig.

We also bought some tools for work on the rig in September. We want to take off the graphics and stickers on the rig. They have been peeling off and it just does not look good. Ideally, I would love to have “Laura & Sasha’s Excellent Adventure” with our website on the back of the RV. However, we are not sure this is possible as our rig is big and might be seen as commercial.

5th Wheel Upgrades: Only a few upgrades here such as getting a new French Press for Sasha to have his morning coffee. The last one broke because he used a metal spoon to clean out the coffee grinds. It is smaller than the previous one and more expensive. Sigh. And we bought a vacuum press to make salads in jars (although we have not used it at all because we haven’t had salads). Well, maybe it will come in handy later.

Transportation: No diesel bought this month, instead we got a custom mount for the iPad. But when we got it, it was the wrong mount so we sent it back in September. Hopefully we will get the new one before too long.

Nerve-Wracking Experiences = Get Rid Of It

Communication: So now the expenses on a monthly basis are stripped down to nothing, and instead we bought a few softwares and hardwares. The inReach will go away fully next month, and we will start having to pay for internet in November, but for now, low expenses on the monthly part.

However, the expenses on the hardware and software was much higher. We decided that we are getting rid of the Jotto Desk that we have had in the truck since the beginning.

For me, it was nerve-wracking because I would be using Delorme Maps, a software program that came with a separate piece for the GPS. You had to connect it to your laptop and it was only with PC/Windows. So we had to get Parallels to make it work. And sometimes the Delorme would not connect up properly in the beginning, and so you had to shut down the entire computer – no matter whether it was a PC or a Mac.

So Sasha researched GPS systems and came up with an alternate solution for us. We are truly in the Mac and Apple family now, with an iPad, iPodMacBook Pro laptops, and iPhones. Plus we are getting use to using Apps for the software for all three types of devices.

So along with the iPad, we got PepWave Surf On the Go hardware for the hyped up wifi when we are using someone else’s wifi. This is good at campgrounds and hotels. It creates a stronger signal. We only have to sign in once to the Peppy and then all of the devices will work off of that one sign in. Which is really good now that we have five devices.

Then we got Joby Tripod and adapter for the iPhone. Sasha started taking some amazing time-lapse videos at the campground and apartment and they turned out very well. This tripod attaches to just about anything so that is great for us if there are no trees.

Plus we got some cables and screws for the devices. Those little screws on the back of a MacBook? If we were to lose them, oh boy, that would not be good. So having extra is always helpful.

Finally, onto Software: We got a bunch this month to play with our photographs. We got iWatermark for watermarks on the photos, VLC Remote to make the iPhone into a remote for our RV TV, GorillaCam Pro for the time-lapse photos, and iTunes CoPiilot for iPad for our navigation system.

We have been playing with them all and they are making life easier for us.

Health: Thankful here too, just our normal expenses of health insurance and we have been healthy.

Recreation: The book that I got was not a book, per se, more for journalling. I like to write things down first before I put into a computer, and so decided to get a couple of notebooks. I had to really search for them and wanted a lower price. So I ended up getting about 4 notebooks, so Sasha can have one and the rest is what I will use for the rest of the year.

Fun Stuff – We paid for the Day’s Ride in Portland on the MAX – their bus, train, and trolley system for my parents and us ($20). We also got a reservation with the campgorund in Reno for $30 for November and lastly, I bought string for my program. It took forever to find string, and in the end I found it in Target as Cotton Cord! Expensive too, but I wanted string and so I got it. Basically it will be for a program but it is also a fun thing to have too.

Here’s to hoping September’s expenses will be not that bad either (although I might have to go peach picking or go to some farmers markets to get my intake of peaches…we shall see.)

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