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Hello! Laura & Sasha here to welcome you to our Water Aerobics Videos and Audios.

These Video and Audio files were made for people in the classes and those new to  water aerobics. Please do not share these videos nor audio files with others, but come to the site and go through the link below.


Beautiful Card, Beautiful People

Beautiful Card, Beautiful People

These videos were taken during the winter of 2017 with a great group of people at Rainbow Village in Largo, FL. While I was the teacher, Sasha also helped me tremendously. And of course, all of the people in the class helped out too, by coming and working out with us.

These files are especially for you. Thank you!

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Bingo Arms are Smaller Today!

Bingo Arms are Smaller Today!

Please follow the link: Water Aerobics With Laura & Sasha! Please do not share the link with others, instead tell them to come to this page and send me an email. Thank you, Laura


2 thoughts on “Water Aerobics

  1. Leona

    think of u often, still going walk,walk,walk….bingo arms not the same since air not cold. …waiting to see u both come back…we haven not killed any froggies.

  2. Laura Post author

    Hi Leona! So nice that you commented! We are in Pahrump, NV and are enjoying the desert air. We only know that the next six months we will be here and then in West Yellowstone, MT. After that we might come back to Pahrump, NV to get more health stuff done. And then we do not know.

    We usually do not plan so far in advance unless we have a job waiting for us. I am sorry but that is just the way it works for us. We loved being with everyone there though, so if you could tell them hi from us, we would appreciate it.

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