Winter Fun & Expenses High

Finances of Living in a Fifth Wheel Toyhauler
December 2011

Full Time RVing – RVing at 3 NPS Parks

Winter Fun In the Sun

December – Winter Fun & Expenses High

Could there be a longer name for a bridge?

Mike O’Callaghan – Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, also known as the Hoover Dam Bypass

So the plan has changed a little bit: Volunteering in the winter (happened!) during January, February, and a little of March; working in Canyonlands National Park (sort of!) during a little bit of March, almost all of April; working in Grand Canyon National Park (unexpected!) during last bit of April, May, June, July, August, September, and October (happened). After that, we head back to Lake Mead for the late fall through next winter. The plan turned out Great for us!

December 2011 – Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Expenses: For the Month of December: Truck Costs Loads, Food Costs High

Expenses for December 2011

  • Food, Food and Household: $594.07
  •         , Out to Eat: $189.33
  • Clothing, Sasha: $68.01
  • Transportation, Diesel: $407.79
  •                        , Motorcycle, Maintenance: $36.59
  •                        , Scooter, Maintenance: $5.77
  •                        , Truck, Registration/Taxes $250.00
  •                        , Truck, Insurance: $$406.60
  •                        , Motorcycles, Insurance: $31.75
  • Camper, Upgrades: $501.21
  •              , Maintenance: $3.55
  •              , Insurance: $200.30
  • Communication, Internet: $341.53
  •                          , Escapees: $105.00
  •                          , PostNet Mailbox: $55.00
  •                          , Postage: $100.00
  • Health, Doctor: $500.00
  • Recreation, Books: $1.25
  •                  , Fun Stuff: $27.90
  •                  , Gifts: $50.00
  • Losses, Gambling: $8.00

Total Expenses = $3,895.65

Improvements on the F450 Truck Early On 

OK, December Is Gone, what the heck did we spend all of it on?

Well, being social has its expenses. Obviously. And keeping in contact with friends and family does too as we saw here in communication. We also paid heavily for insurance – always comes right before the holidays, they have to get their fair cut before you go off and get into an accident, you know.

So tons of expenses for insurances, getting out of contracts and getting legal with all of the insurances, taxes and gambling. But still, all in all, not a hugely terrible amount of expenses. Check out the Expenses of 2011 to see how we did from the year before.

Present Day Laura: It seems I did not do too much writing on this page for that month. It could be that we were having loads of fun, and I KNOW we were hiking a ton, so that year is gone. Time will see which year was the second most expensive, knowing that 2009 was the most expensive one.

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